Teen therapist & parents

I specialize in working with teens and parents. Where teens can get therapy, while their parents can learn tools to better support and improve their relationship.

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Holistic family care

The treatment involves the parents and the teen

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Three part consultation

Before the teen or their family becomes an active client, we engage in a three part consultation process to understand and assess the needs of the teen and their family.

1. Meet the teen

This initial session is to get to know the teen and nothing clinical in nature.

2. Assess Motivation

In this session I will learn more about the teen's therapy goals and assess their motivation levels.

3. Parents consultation

Session with teen's parents to learn more about their perspective and potential therapy goals.

The family treatment approach

Collaboratively we will decide on the treatment approach which could involve individual therapy for the teen and parent consultation sessions to equip parents with the communication tools so they can support their teen and improve their relationship.

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