TEAM CBT Therapist Rose Markotic

A hands-on therapy approach

TEAM-CBT is an active and involved therapy approach. With over 100 methods available we will work on techniques in and outside of therapy to identify which ones are effective for you. These tools will become lifelong skills you can lean on.

A brief approach to therapy

Traditional therapy is usually structured at an hourly session per week however there is no research to support that this is the best approach. TEAM-CBT is an active and involved therapy approach. We will focus on one specific problem at time. Together we will develop your specific treatment plan and I will introduce tools to help you achieve your goals. You will be practicing techniques outside of therapy to identify the ones that work best for you. These tools will become lifelong skills you can lean on. The goal is to get you out of therapy with lifelong tools.

TEAM CBT can be tailored to an intensive approach for individuals that are highly motivated and wish to achieve rapid symptom reduction. Oftentimes structuring extended sessions within fewer weeks can save time and money.

TEAM-CBT a unique approach

TEAM-CBT is a brief, active form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy that is linked to your specific goals. TEAM-CBT is an evidenced based practice that is constantly evolving to integrate cutting edge research and best practices. It is highly effective in working with depression, anxiety, relationship issues, habits and addictions. TEAM-CBT was developed by Dr. David Burns, Adjunct professor at Stanford.

Letter t for TEAM CBT

T for Testing

You will be filling out a pre/post session survey at every session. Collecting measurements informs our practice, it allows us to monitor and track progress and provide measures for goals. You will also be providing regular feedback of the therapy to ultimately enhance the experience for you.

Letter e for TEAM CBT

E for Empathy

This is also crucial every step of the way. It is important to establish a strong and trusting relationship with you before any change can happen. I will be spending time listening to you, trying to understand you and your perspective of what is happening in your life.

Letter a for TEAM CBT

A for Agenda setting

It is important to understand what you want to work on and how it is impacting your life both negatively and positively. Change can bring up ambivalence in us. I will be assessing motivation levels and collaborate with you to understand and remove any barriers to change.

Letter m for TEAM CBT

M for Methods

With over 100 methods available we will work together to identify the appropriate methods that work best for you. Different problems will work well with specific methods. My goal is to help you develop a toolkit so you can be self sufficient in maintaining your progress and relapse prevention

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